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Public access to 3D printers

Don’t have the cash to drop on a 3D printer of your own? Perhaps you just want to get your hands on a 3D printer to see what all the fuss is about, or maybe you have an awesome design or idea that you want to prototype? Luckily it turns out that South East Queensland is a bit of a 3D printing hub, offering four different places with public access to desktop 3D printers (other Australian capital cities only offer at most two).

  • Hackerspace Brisbane – This can be found out at Portside and they have a monthly access fee of $60. This membership fee provides you with full 24 hour access to the tools they have on site… Including a RepRap 3D printer.
  • CabFabLab – Located in Caboolture, a low $6.90 per month membership fee gets you access to their venue, which also houses a thing-o-matic 3D printer. Unfortunately additional tool hire fees also apply.
  • Gold Coast Techspace – Free to visit and check out. Full Membership costs $40 per month, providing full access to all tools including their RepRap 3D printer.
  • The Edge – Has a few printers down in their basement that can be used by the public in workshops like Rise of the Machines.

Go and check ’em out!

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A compulsive tinkerer. By day he works as a senior software engineer for NICTA, where he is part of a team creating structural health monitoring equipment being installed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. By night he embarks on projects of the DIY technology kind. While at The Edge, Clinton turned his attentions to 3D printers, investing time and care into getting a fleet of RepRap printers up and running. Clinton is the proprietor of 3D printing blog RepRage.