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Three reasons Creative3 rocks

The 2013 edition of the Creative3 Forum lived up to the high expectations that it has set for itself in previous years. It is, without a doubt, one of the premier events in Queensland for entrepreneurs and creatives.

Anna Rooke and her team at Creative Enterprise Australia once again delivered an amazing array of speakers for Creative3 attendees. The line up this year featured, among others, Stephen Phillips of We Are Hunted fame, Kate Kendall, globetrotting CEO of The Fetch, and Lisa Messenger, Editor-in-Chief of renegade COLLECTIVE magazine and owner of the Messenger Group.

Here are three reasons Creative3 is and will continue to be a key event in the Brisbane calendar for hackers, makers, creatives and entrepreneurs:

1. Awesome people you can learn from

The calibre of people Creative3 have been able to bring out to keynote is amazing: Paul Cameron and Vince Bannon last year; Steve, Kate, Lisa, Jess Huddart, Mitch Olson and others this year.

2. Open and collaborative

One of the overarching themes of Creative3 is openness and collaboration. You meet people from all walks of life.  Your correspondent rubbed shoulders not only with artists, engineers and musicians, but also an exporter of bovine embryos to Vanuatu.

This year many of the speakers reinforced the message of collaboration. Jess Huddart, for example, explained how she and Josephmark are trying to foster cross-collaboration in Brisbane through various initiatives.

3. Brilliantly run. Always fun

The energy at Creative3 is palpable. It takes hard work to pull off an event that runs smoothly, delivers valuable and interesting insights, and is fun!

Your correspondent was there in the audience taking it all in. Here are a few photographs, captioned with snippets of wisdom from the speakers.

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