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Infinite Wardrobe

Infinite Wardrobe launches to a growing community

Brisbane startup Infinite Wardrobe launched their mobile app to an existing community of more than 4,000 fashion-conscious members today. Infinite Wardrobe makes it simple and free for people to buy and sell items of clothing and accessories through their phones.

Infinite Wardrobe appears not to be solely for buying and selling; it’s clearly also designed for enabling girls and guys around the world to show off their threads. Not every item added to the Infinite Wardrobe is for sale. Sometimes people just want to flaunt their Jimmy Choos.

Items that aren’t currently for sale can be “watched” by users who are hoping the item becomes available to purchase. The owner of the item can choose to change its status from “not for sale” to “for sale”, cashing in on that unsatisfied demand. The addition of a bidding feature could potentially make things even more interesting, enabling the seller to see how much their “not for sale” items would sell for if they were for sale. It’s a feature the founders are considering.

The Infinite Wardrobe team have also thought about how to position their application as a platform for up-and-coming designers to showcase their latest work. Designers can sell through Infinite Wardrobe commission-free.

Co-founder and Managing Director, Molly Taylor, says creating Infinite Wardrobe was all about giving fashionistas a better experience than they get from existing sites such as eBay.

“I wanted to create an easy to use app for fashion lovers,” Taylor explained to us, “where they could sell their clothes without having to give a cut to the Top Dogs. Share, love and explore fashion for free – and so Infinite Wardrobe was born.”

Infinite Wardrobe began life as a humble Facebook page that now brings together over 4,000 people who love to talk about their fashion collections. That’s not a bad base to grow from. As we write this piece, Infinite Wardrobe is at number 26 in the free Lifestyle apps category on the iTunes App Store, not far behind the likes of Etsy (19), Scoopon (20) and Cosmo Australia (22), and ahead of Amazon Mobile (31) and the acclaimed Houzz Interior Design Ideas app (32).

Taylor and her co-founders Brendt Sheen, Portia Miller and Leigh Woodford, will no doubt be carefully monitoring the popularity of their app in the App Store over the coming days and weeks.

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