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Q&A with FizzioFit CEO Miles Browning

iLab startup FizzioFit is blazing the health sector with their new exercise medicine software that improves your response to physiotherapy. It’s been a two year journey for the FizzioFit team and the hard work is about to pay off. We catch up with Miles Browning, physiotherapist and CEO of FizzioFit.

Why did you decide to put together an exercise medicine platform? 

As a physiotherapist for over 15 years, a major part of my treatment strategy has been prescription of exercise; but there was always an issue of clients not fully understanding or forgetting components of their exercise programs, particularly the more complex regimes. This is why we created FizzioFit: to provide a comprehensive exercise guide for clients and an efficient prescription process for physiotherapists.

How do clients use FizzioFit?

The client will receive a program invitation via email, then they just follow the links to subscribe and get started. They then have access to their personalised video and audio descriptive exercise program and are able to email their physiotherapist for help or to discuss changes in their program where needed.

How does the software help clients? 

When you prescribe  a series of exercises you are guaranteed to forget a few things especially as the complexity of the regime increases. If clients forget an aspect of the program, FizzioFit allows them to view the program details on their computer or mobile phone via video and audio instructions. This also means that exercises will be performed correctly and none will be left out. It makes it easier to learn an exercise when you have audio-visual instruction. The program also features a schedule that clients can use to tick off the exercises as they do them each day.

How does FizzioFit help physiotherapists? 

In a clinic situation you can treat around twenty to thirty clients a day so you don’t have a lot of time to write out comprehensive exercise regimes for each person. To create a program with the same components that are provided by FizzioFit would take near an hour. Using the software, physiotherapists can create a customised program in five minutes. The template function shortens this time again. Templates can be created to suit conditions which makes it easy to apply to clients with the same injury or quick to edit for minor differences. All that is left to do is add a name and send it which can be done in under a minute.

What has the response been like from clients and physios?

We’ve been live for a week and we have already signed up physios to our system. The feedback we are getting is incredible. There is a real need for this type of software that benefits both the client and physio.

Feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. It puts less pressure on them to remember every detail of their program which is especially useful for my older clients who have had some difficulty with memory. It makes them a lot more comfortable with the program when they’re confident in what they’re doing.

If a client has problems with any of the exercises they can email their treating physiotherapist and the program can be changed. The update shows on the client’s page immediately. This gives physiotherapists the scope for more accurate and comprehensive treatment timelines and programs.

What makes FizzioFit different to the other exercise medicine platforms out there? 

The other exercise medicine platforms are not as intuitively easy when it comes to programming. When we initially started this process two and a half years ago we firstly did an evaluation of what was currently available on the market. At that time there weren’t a large number of platforms.

The difficulty with other platforms was when you searched for exercises for a back condition for example, 500 exercise options would be displayed; they weren’t user friendly. FizzioFit can be more specific you can search for exercises for a disc problem in the lumbar spine and it will filter the exercises that are appropriate for that condition. There is also the option to opt-out of the filtering system if they want to add something that they practice uniquely in their clinic.

How do clients feel about the subscription fee?

When we first set up the business model we anticipated that this could possibly be an area of resistance but that didn’t come to anything. Patients were more than happy to subscribe to be able to have access to these types of features and support. It gives them the ability to be able to review their exercises on a daily basis and to request any changes.

With FizzioFit we’re extending the reach of physiotherapists; now they’re not limited to treating conditions.  They can also create preventative programs that evolve into general fitness and wellbeing plans that will maintain their clients physical health.

How does the relationship between FizzioFit and physiotherapists and clients work?

FizzioFit has no relationship directly with the clients other than providing the billing system. The relationship is primarily between FizzioFit and the treating therapist. We provide physios with a platform from which they can then work with their clients to develop programs that are appropriate. It’s very important for FizzioFit to be seen as a platform that is working to assist physiotherapists in their treatment not take over their treatment.

What’s next for FizzioFit?

The first five hundred exercises were initially things that we felt were appropriate for most of the conditions that are currently in the system – of which there are four hundred and thirty. We now need to listen to the physiotherapy community and find out what exercises they would like added into the system at the same time as extending other exercise modalities. We’re looking into including exercises from the Pilates and Yoga side of therapy as well as extending the cardiovascular aspect and a number of general fitness exercises to be used in the gym.

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