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Startup Catalyst launches young, Queensland entrepreneurs abroad

Set to blast twenty of Queensland’s young entrepreneurs into the global ecosystem, River City Labs launched annual mission Startup Catalyst yesterday.

The initiative is currently taking applications for a ten-day tour of Silicon Valley in November, where participants will visit global tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Zynga, meet expat Australians working in the Valley and attend networking and educational events with founders and other young entrepreneurs. Capping off the trip is a Startup Weekend run as part of the Global Startup Battle, the world’s largest startup competition spanning 200 cities across the globe.

“This mission is about helping young Australians learn from Silicon Valley’s success and increase the formation of Australian companies,” River City Labs founder and Startup Catalyst’s Mission Leader Steve Baxter said. “If we are going to help Queensland become the nation’s startup state we need to engage young minds, and what better way than to expose them to the atmosphere, excitement and environment of the world’s most vibrant startup eco-system.”

The successful twenty participants will receive airfares from Brisbane, travel, accommodation, and group meals. Applicants must be aged between 18 and 25, reside in Queensland, and have IT / coding skills. As the trip will largely involve networking, will be recorded in the Startup Catalyst documentary, and other social and media requirements, applicants should also be confident and enthusiastic.

Applications close Monday October 13th at 5pm, so what are you waiting for get on it!

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