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Creative³ Pitch winners head to global championships, may bring event home

The winner of this year’s Creative³ Pitch competition, longterm-timelapse app Project Tripod, is headed to Denmark this weekend for the world championships in creative entrepreneurship, the Creative Business Cup.

A first for Australia, Creative Enterprise’s involvement with the event represents global recognition for the country’s creative industries and comes a full year earlier than planned.

“Our goal was to be involved in the Creative Business Cup in 2015, but because of the success of Creative³ and the fact we already had a national platform for creative businesses to pitch to investors, they advised us we qualified for 2014,” QUT Creative Enterprise Australia CEO,  Anna Rooke said. “So it was fantastic to be able to tell Project Tripod that not only had they been the audience choice at Creative³ this year, but they had the opportunity to go to Denmark and compete against 63 other countries.”

Following their win in September and the app’s Windows Phone release, Project Tripod have been working on updating the app for other devices and markets i.e. “Project Tripod for Business”. Sydney-based CEO and co-founder Catherine Eibner says the last few month’s achievements, which included a NSW government grant for researching application within the construction industry and the app hitting 50,000 downloads, were well-timed for the company.

“We really think it’s got global potential and we’ve built it with that in mind, so for us to get exposure to a global audience is a fantastic opportunity,” Eibner says. “We’re not just presenting to win, there’s a whole heap of education components and mentoring opportunities to meet with advisors and investors.”

“We’re trying to translate it into different languages, we started off with English and German, and we’re looking into getting other translations done,” she says. “So where we get interest we’ll look into expanding into those regions.

Sydney-based founders Jordan Knight and Catherine Eibner's app will compete against 63 other countries in Denmark this weekend. Photos courtesy of Red Agency.

Sydney-based founders Jordan Knight and Catherine Eibner’s Project Tripod will compete against 63 other countries in Denmark this weekend. Photos courtesy of Red Agency.

Regardless of this weekend’s outcome, the competition represents major international recognition for Creative Enterprises Australia. The initiative is being represented by Executive Manager Business Development Cynthia Macnee in Copenhagen, are looking to host next year’s Cup, and will refocus the pitch competition with the global opportunity in mind.

“Obviously we hope Project Tripod is going to win, thats our goal in the short term, to make sure they have as much support from us in their pitch presentation and preparations before the 17th November,” Rooke says. “Moving into 2015, we’ll hopefully build in the opportunity to present at Creative Business Cup more into the C3 pitch, because this year we didn’t know about the opportunity until after event.”

“So having the Creative3 event in Brisbane next September, [we’re] absolutely focused on bringing investors, but really it also gives any company that wants access to the European market a great entry level position,” she says, before adding, “of course, subject to us being host next year for the Creative Business Cup; we find out after this [year’s event].”

Finally, Rooke adds that Project Tripod’s technology, which amongst other applications offers construction companies the ability to track project growth, highlights the global marketability of creative industries, but that while “the sector employs more people than mining and contributes $35 billion to our GDP, creative startups struggle to find funding as they are viewed as high-risk by investors.”

“What Project Tripod demonstrates is the unique ability to execute a fantastic technologically creative platform to a global market and I think that’s inherent in what creative industries represent, that fusion of creativity and technology,” Rooke says. “The rate the sector is evolving is phenomenal and for us it’s important it’s recognised as part of the Australian economy.”

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