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NICTA CEO quits, “the Failure Age” and Pesce on gender imbalance

Here’s what’s what in the week that was!

Roughly six months after it was announced that NICTA’s federal funding would end by 2016, CEO Hugh Durrant-Whyte resigned last Friday. While the tech research centre’s official release cited “differences of opinion” between Durrant-Whyte and NICTA’s board, Fairfax Media has highlighted disagreements over German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit following the G20 as a possible tipping point.

In a particularly cutting piece at the New York Times, columnist Adam Davidson has exposed both the aesthetics and innovation behind Silicon Valley’s current “Failure Age.” Unfortunately but “inextricably linked” to the innovation boom, failures within the startup scene are, understandably enough, underreported when compared to success stories, and Davidson does an excellent job of unearthing some history from our industry’s other half.

Australian entrepreneur and co-inventor of 3D interface VRML Mark Pesce has called for more mentoring for women in an excellent indictment of gender imbalance in IT. Pesce told StartupSmart that “the turning point for him to take action” came from his reaction to the misogynistic love-in that is Gamergate.

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