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Secret’s fall, the SEQ ecosystem, startups to watch & the Branson Centre

Here’s whats what in the week that was!

Following anti-bullying campaigns, an attempted ban in Brazil and subsequent moves to weaken its capacity for cyber-bullying, annonymous messaging app “Secret” has reported a massive drop in traffic and is preparing to pivot. GigaOm reports that the fall coincided with Secret’s anti-bullying clamp down, which included bans on posting names, and while it’s debatable how intrinsic cyber-bullying is to the app, PandoDaily provides a killer analysis of the controversy in, “With bullying app Secret on life support, investors learn the risk of investing in assholes“.

We shared our thoughts on the SEQ Startup Ecosystem Report, with help from Boundlss Director Jonah Cacioppe, “Most Central” figure Colin Kinner and the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast’s Mark Paddenburg. While the report itself covers everything from regional demographics to fund flows, we’ve focused on the usefulness of the centrality index, as well as some of their key findings and recommendations.

QLD startups Go1 and Funcaptcha were featured in The Age’s list of groups to watch in 2015. Picked by locals Steve Baxter and John Mactaggart, the teams demonstrate two very different forms of success; while  Go1 grew from a small web agency in 2005 to a global provider of learning and management platforms, Funcaptcha has seemingly fixed a very specific problem by replacing those mind-numbing Captcha programs with mini-games.

Liquid State’s Philip Andrews spoke to us about his time at the Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship in South Africa. Check it out if you’re interested in intercultural entrepreneurship or global startups!

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