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Top 10 stories of 2014

It’s been a heck of a year for Queensland innovation, and for us here at TSJ. From Startup Weekend QLD to GovHack to Creative³, 2014 had something for entrepreneurs and tech lovers of all persuasions.

So come with us and revisit some of our biggest stories, as well as some of the smaller stuff we loved!

How to be a “non-startup” startup with Alexandra Keating

Alexandra Keating gave frank, practical lessons at Creative³. Photo courtesy of Clare Treston.

Alexandra Keating gave frank, practical advice at Creative³. Image courtesy of Clare Treston.

First amongst Alexandra Keating’s pieces of advice for budding entrepreneurs is flat-out not using the term “startup”, as it encourages a mentality to make mistakes early on.

Keating’s frankness and obvious success shamed a number of Creative³ guests, this journalist included, throughout her September 19th presentation. An entrepreneur since age twenty, when she launched non-for-profit fundraising platform GoFundraise, Keating stressed identifying both the practical and unnecessary elements of business in her “10 Rules on being a NON startup startup”…

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SafetyCulture blazes the trail for regional startups


SafetyCulture’s Luke Anear. Image courtesy of Janet Richards.

Three years after transforming workplace health and safety consultancy SafetyCulture into a software startup, founder and CEO Luke Anear has seen his company go global in more ways than one. With engineers poached from places ranging from Townsville’s James Cook University to Italy, and support teams in places such as Kansas USA, the company demonstrates how ambitious ideas can be implemented from anywhere…

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Valley investors target Brisbane women

Inessa Obenhuber (fourth from right) and Donna Hamlin (far right) with some of iLab’s female founders. Image courtesy of iLab.

Donna Hamlin and Inessa Obenhuber are hoping to help fix a problem with Australia’s startup ecosystem: access to second-round funding and advisory services. And women are firmly in their sights.

In Brisbane last week to scope out Australia’s startup support services, the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors met with a group of women tech founders at iLab…

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How to choose a startup accelerator

Question Marks

Startmate applications have just closed for another year. You got your application in, right?

Or perhaps you submitted to muru-D a few weeks ago. Then again, maybe you’re thinking of applying for iLab Germinate‘s summer program or SURFAccelerator‘s second intake.  What about the big-name US accelerators like Y Combinator and 500 Startups? How do you decide? Or do you just hedge your bets and apply to all of them? Are you sure getting into one of these things will, you know, actually accelerate your business?

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Cairns’ first Startup Weekend signals regional growth

Wotif founder Graeme Wood kicked off the 54 hour event last Friday with an introductory video call. Image courtesy of Troy Haines.

Wotif founder Graeme Wood kicked off the 54 hour event with an introductory video call. Image courtesy of Troy Haines.

Reflecting a broader push towards regional entrepreneurial programs, Cairns celebrated its first Startup Weekend at co-working hub theSPACE mid-August.

The event kicked off Friday 15th with an introduction by Wotif founder Graeme Wood, who officially opened the event to over 50 budding entrepreneurs. It also comes as teams from theSPACE finish an iLab three-month accelerator program, which offers up to twenty thousand dollars in seed funding as well as virtual mentoring, support and connection to a wider Queensland network of entrepreneurs and supporters…

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Out of ink: Photo journal goes digital only

Clive Waring-Flood has recreated Silvershotz as a digital-only publication (Image courtesy Silvershotz).

Clive Waring-Flood has recreated Silvershotz as a digital-only publication. Image courtesy of Silvershotz.

If the sacking of Fairfax photojournalists or the closure of the Queensland Centre of Photography is anything to go by, then photography is in trouble.

But a photography publication based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is rising to the challenge and rebuilding itself as a digital-only platform to remain viable.

Sixteen-year old Australian photo journal Silvershotz has just emerged from a restructure that has resulted in a transition from print to online. It’s latest edition, Volume 8 Edition 6, released on March 1 marked the launch of a new, multi-platform, interactive format…

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What can we learn from the SEQ Startup Ecosystem Report?

The SEQ Startup Ecosystem Report. Image courtesy of Jonah Cacioppe.

Boundlss’ SEQ Startup Ecosystem Report. Image courtesy of Jonah Cacioppe.

Following research into Perth’s ecosystem in 2013, data company Boundlss were commissioned by the QLD government to mapped South East Queensland’s startup scene. Humbly, we have some thoughts on what they found.

Released at the end of October, the SEQ Startup Ecosystem Report 2014 quantifies a staggering amount of entrepreneurial data, from regional demographics to fund flows to network centrality.

Here’s a look at the most striking aspects of the report, how it might be used by budding entrepreneurs and investors, and what the community’s response has been…

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Kobblers gets a Bitcoin ATM

Bardon cafe Kobblers became one of the first Australian organisations to run a Bitcoin ATM.

Bardon cafe Kobblers mixes a folky atmosphere with new age electronics.

Bardon cafe Kobblers, perfectly described by Four Thousand as a wizard house,  became one of the first Australian organisations to run a Bitcoin ATM this year.

Scott Duncan, owner of the Brisbane cafe, currently accepts cryptocurrencies as alternative payment. Customers can pay for coffee, food, clothes and artwork via Duncan’s Bitcoin QR code, which allows them to transfer Bitcoin directly to his web-wallet.

But in coming months the cafè will get it’s own Bitcoin ATM…

Full original and follow-up articles.

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Startup Catalyst initiated: cue reaction

Onwards, to Facebook HQ! Image courtesy of David Hooper.

Onwards, to Facebook HQ! Image courtesy of David Hooper.

Startup Catalyst’s recent journey to the States gave a handful of young programmers a crash-course in entrepreneurship, from the funding big leads of 500 Startups, to Startup Weekend San Francisco to three of the biggest startups ever, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

A QUT student and consultant with local groups SendMe3 and Pitcher Partners, David Hooper was introduced to a range of different business practices. On top of the obvious funding whiplash, he admired the speed at which American companies ran (Facebook rolls new coding twice a day), and stressed that their emphasis on employee welfare and relaxed atmospheres help foster more loyal and passionate working relationships…

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Lessons from the Richard Branson Centre

Talent Unleashed award winners met with Johannesburg entrepreneurs as part of their time with the Branson Centre. Image courtesy of Kit Kriewaldt.

Talent Unleashed award winners met with Johannesburg entrepreneurs as part of their time with the Branson Centre. Image courtesy of Kit Kriewaldt.

Liquid State CEO Philip Andrews is back from a global tour of entrepreneurship, which culminated in a week at South Africa’s Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship and highlighted Australia’s place within the global ecosystem.

As part of winning the Digital Content award at Talent Unleashed earlier this year, multi-platform publishing company Liquid State was one of two Australian teams to attend the Branson Centre in Johannesburg. Coinciding with Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 in November, Talent International’s event saw winners from Hong Kong, Sinagapore, New Zealand, Australia and the UK mix with local mentors and startups…

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