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Tipi targets software developers with Connect launch

Tipi HQ is all about data. Whether it’s the Brisbane startup’s flagship, tailored data analytics services, their new software development app Connect, or even, at a stretch, their video interview platform Instaview, the startup has a tangible passion for the extraction and visualisation of information. Their recent post “Is Our Focus on Data a Passing Trend?” both elaborates on and contextualises this point.

Currently in its beta stage, their newest platform Connect is an analytics service that allows developers to embed data visualisations in apps. As Director of Technology Adam Gilmore explains, it’s something Tipi would have used years ago were it available to them.

“The problem is, and we saw it ourselves, it’s really hard to make awesome analytics and developers are very much focused on their product, and as they should be, their app, their users, their features,” Gilmore said. “So they’re really good at making kick-ass applications but the analytics are always a little bit of an afterthought.”

“There’s some tools built for developers, but not great ones, and things aren’t in an easy, simple way,” he said. “If I’m a developer, I have to choose how am I going to build my reports, what engine am I going to use…We want to make that decision easier, we want to say you don’t need to do all that, keep building your awesome app, push the analytics to us and we’ll make the analytics awesome. You can customise it and make it your own but we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.”

While still delivering the data solutions we discussed last November, Tipi’s fifth year of operation has seen the bootstrapped company branch out with the aforementioned Instaview’s launch in March, covered by Ideas Hoist here, and Connect’s launch in July.

Unlike Instaview, which has been designed for short video interviews and was something of an experiment for the analytics startup, Connect is at firmly at developers and doubles-down on Tipi’s original goal of data extraction.

Tipi co-founder Adam Gilmore presented Connect to a group of Brisbane developers in July. Photos: Tipi HQ

Tipi co-founder Adam Gilmore, explaining Connect’s analytics at the launch night. Photos: Tipi HQ

The Tipi team launched Connect’s beta platform to a group of Brisbane developers early last month, where they explained both the analytic and visualisation ends of the platform. Since then, the team have been looking at feedback and will customise as developers suggest features; specifically, Tipi developer Chad Edrupt says they will focus on Connect’s real-time data visualisation.

The startup are looking at a post-beta launch for Connect by the end of the year, and will eventually charge as users pass an event threshold.

“So all of the code that we write that’s about SDKs and our visualisations, they’ll always be open source, they’ll be free,” Tipi developer Chad Edrupt said. “What we’re going to charge people for are the API and storage, that’s the stuff that costs us money.”

It’s always good to see a startup evolving, and while Tipi seems to have recently played down Instaview in lieu of Connect, both are interesting developments for a startup founded on personalised solutions.

Click here for more on Connect, or watch their Connect presentation below.

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