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Queensland reaches maturity with Innovation and Investment Summit


In the words of David Hulston, “the Brisbane scene came of age” with the opening of April’s Innovation and Investment Summit. Hulston – an investor and longtime supporter of local entrepreneurs, who splits his time between Queensland and the UK ...

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QLD startup programs, Stockholm Valley and 2015 tech trends

Looking to expand next year? Young Queensland startups should most definitely check out River City Labs’ Brisbane Sponsored Entrepreneur Program, which has just begun taking applications. Likewise, established businesses can still apply for iLab’s Incubate Program. And if you’re not looking for funding in the ...

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Secret’s fall, the SEQ ecosystem, startups to watch & the Branson Centre

Here’s whats what in the week that was! Following anti-bullying campaigns, an attempted ban in Brazil and subsequent moves to weaken its capacity for cyber-bullying, annonymous messaging app “Secret” has reported a massive drop in traffic and is preparing to pivot. GigaOm reports that the fall ...

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NICTA CEO quits, “the Failure Age” and Pesce on gender imbalance

Here’s what’s what in the week that was! Roughly six months after it was announced that NICTA’s federal funding would end by 2016, CEO Hugh Durrant-Whyte resigned last Friday. While the tech research centre’s official release cited “differences of opinion” between Durrant-Whyte and NICTA’s ...

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Gerber & Startupland, Farquhar & SafetyCulture, ACMA’s tech trends and Startup Weekend

Here’s what’s what in the week that was! Anna Gerber left UQ to join iLab-based Hypermancer. The “stealth-mode” startup specialises in social media analytics, and recently gained seed-stage funding from Latvia-based Imprimatur Capital. Atlassian founder Scott Farquhar lead a $2.1M investment round in workplace health and ...

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G20 Global Cafe, ‘This,’ Project Tripod and Startup Catalyst

Here’s what’s what in the week that was! Brisbane’s G20 Global Cafe kicked off the crazy world summit that was, and drew 75 international experts in technology, health, economics and/or tourism to our fair city. Central to our interests were “The Digital Age – Entrepreneurship ...

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Cryptocurrency forum, iAuditor win and HSBNE funding

Here’s what happened in the week that was! Cryptocurrency event “Global Digital Currency Conversation (GDCC) Forum in Brisbane” was announced last week. Held from November 16-17th, the event is designed to coincide with the city’s G20 summit. Townsville workplace health and safety ...

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Startup Apprentice, The Hash and $300k for the community

We’re kicking off this new week-in-review column. If you know of something that should be covered in this column, please get in touch! Also, sign up for our weekly newsletter. Startup Apprentice launched on the Gold Coast. It’s an eight ...

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A look at the company behind Ello


As you will now be well aware, over the past few weeks, the ad-free social network Ello has blown up. Members of the tech media have clambered over each other to proclaim Ello as either a Facebook killer or just another social ...

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How to choose a startup accelerator

Question Marks

Startmate applications have just closed for another year. You got your application in, right? Or perhaps you submitted to muru-D a few weeks ago. Then again, maybe you’re thinking of applying for iLab Germinate‘s summer program or SURFAccelerator‘s second intake.  What about ...

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