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Berlin landing pad provides a well-timed entry for Australian startups

Australian ambassador to Germany, Lynette Wood, and Berlin landing pad manager, Michael Bingel.

In Berlin last week, over wine and canapés, the federal government took a big step towards the European startup scene, with an event marking the launch of the last of the government’s five startup landing pads. The others – in San Francisco, ...

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Brisbane’s double vision for startups

Brisbane towers

Talented and enthusiastic people are the basic units of startups. Put a team of them together and you can end up with the next Uber or SpaceX. Put several such teams together in the same building and you’ve got an ...

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How to find the developer of your dreams


Looking for a partner? Hoping someone perfect comes along and tells you that you are exactly what they have been looking for? This has nothing to do with whether or not you like pina coladas or walks in the rain. ...

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Innovation means spreading good ideas, not just products


In startup circles, the buzzword “innovation” enters the conversation so frequently, it’s practically a sixth vowel. Innovation is what every hopeful founder is chasing. An innovative product can be the basis of a business, while innovative thinking seems to be ...

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What Australian entrepreneurs can look forward to in 2016


This year has been a big one for Australian startups, and Queensland-based entrepreneurs in particular have several reasons to be happy this Christmas season. In fact, 2016 looks so bright that, rather than recapping what’s already happened, I’m going to take a look at ...

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How to panic as a startup CEO

Fire alarm

There are points in every startup journey when things begin to look dire. Whether it’s the company running out of money, a key team member leaving, or the product losing market traction, emergencies are almost a part of the office furniture. ...

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Just blowing bubbles


The word ‘bubble’ has popped up in headlines on news and tech websites with increased frequency lately. Sadly, most of these articles are less about analysing the startup investment market as it is now and more about making ominous predictions ...

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What startups can learn from the Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup featured image

The Melbourne Cup has once again come and gone, but for those less interested in the fascinators and furlongs, here are three lessons startups can take away from race day. The favourite doesn’t have all the advantages If there’s one ...

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Just how cheap are ideas?

Startup Ideas

The popular wisdom in the startup world is that ideas aren’t worth much. They’re regularly denigrated as being cheap, worthless, easy, and paradoxically, overvalued. Steve Jobs even described relying on a “really great idea” as a “disease.” As with so many ...

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Trying on the Ruby programming slippers


It began in Helsinki, Finland. Committed to promoting the participation of women and girls in web development and programming, the inaugural Rails Girls in 2010 drew over one hundred participants and has since expanded into a worldwide initiative. In July, ...

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