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A premature pat on the back

Australia’s startup scene is thriving. If it weren’t for a few regulatory speed bumps like the Employee Share Scheme and crowdfunding regulation, we’d be taking the world by storm. At least, that’s the impression you get from reading startup coverage ...

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Zero to One: Thiel vs Taleb

Black Swan

Peter Thiel, author of Zero to One, is an entrepreneur, philosopher, public intellectual, chess wizard and philanthropist. But these days he is known mostly as a very successful investor. When Thiel provides investment advice, people take note. In chapter seven of Zero ...

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Zero to One: The $700 billion fly in the ointment

Apple I

In my previous article I mentioned there are one or two other quibbles I have with Zero to One, by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters, which is an otherwise good book. This article focuses on a passage concerning minimum viable products ...

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Zero to One: Wisdom and Straw Men

This Christmas I carved out a bit of time to read Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Stanford grad Blake Masters. It is one of the more thoughtful books on startups that you’ll come across, and certainly makes for compelling ...

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What can we learn from the SEQ Startup Ecosystem Report?

Following research into Perth’s ecosystem in 2013, data company Boundlss were commissioned by the QLD government to mapped South East Queensland’s startup scene. Humbly, we have some thoughts on what they found. Released at the end of October, the SEQ Startup Ecosystem Report 2014 ...

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A look at the company behind Ello

As you will now be well aware, over the past few weeks, the ad-free social network Ello has blown up. Members of the tech media have clambered over each other to proclaim Ello as either a Facebook killer or just another social ...

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How to choose a startup accelerator

Question Marks

Startmate applications have just closed for another year. You got your application in, right? Or perhaps you submitted to muru-D a few weeks ago. Then again, maybe you’re thinking of applying for iLab Germinate‘s summer program or SURFAccelerator‘s second intake.  What about ...

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On Unicorns and the “Four Pillar Economy”

Sweetly the Air Flew Overhead: Battle With Unicorns, by Cathy de Monchaux

Amongst the more interesting parts of Minister Ian Walker’s otherwise unremarkable Startup Summit — the less said about “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” in relation to startup communities, the better — were the presentations given by Bill Bartee, Managing Director of Blackbird VC, founding partner of Southern ...

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Inside the mind of a budding entrepreneur – there’s only one day between quitting and winning

Shopping, food, entertainment and holiday planning lie at the heart of Kat's business idea.

I’m Kat McArthur and six months ago I gave up on the idea of paid work, moved from Brisbane to my parents in Mackay, and used my savings to start planning several business concepts. I wanted to be more than ...

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Knocked into shape: insights from iLab bootcamp

 A great idea is not enough to launch a startup, as a group of university students discovered at iLab’s summer Bootcamp recently. Georgia Gifford, Tom Volling, Andrea Epifani, Jonny Lu and Christian Mein took their News Cloud concept to bootcamp ...

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