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Success sets Brisbane medtech company DoseMe up for U.S. market

From left, DoseMe founder and CTO, Robert McLeay and CEO Charles Cornish.

It was 2012 and Dr Robert McLeay was chatting to his wife’s colleague at a backyard Brisbane barbecue. While enjoying his burger, McLeay listened intently to a story about a scientific innovation not yet easily available to clinicians, but which ...

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Travello secures $1.26 million in funding from local investors

Travello founders Mark Cantoni (left), and Ryan Hanly (right).

It was almost Christmas: the busiest travel season of the Southern Hemisphere, when Brisbane mates Ryan Hanly and Mark Cantoni, had their global travel app pulled from Apple’s app store. The timing couldn’t be worse. Not only did the Outbound ...

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Travelshoot pairs professional photographers with tech-savy travellers


If you can’t take a selfie, are too shy to ask strangers for a favour, or just want some first-rate photographs on your vacation, Brisbane startup Travelshoot has you covered. Providing a unique twist on holiday snaps, the company will pair you up with ...

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Scooter Tutor brings flexibility to the tutoring marketplace

Scooter Tutor co-founders Cameron Schmidt (left) and Sam Robertson (right).

In 2007, Cameron Schmidt travelled from house to house on a 50cc scooter to tutor students in his neighbourhood. Seeing the potential to help students with additional subjects and younger school students, the business expanded and Scooter Tutor was born. ...

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Brisbane mates raise the stakes along with $750k

Puntaa Founders (from left)  Jordan Oudejans, Damon Oudejans, and Nick Heaney

An Englishman, an Irishman and an Australian walk into a bar. They bet on horse racing, their billiards game and their beer sculling contest. One of them wins all three bets. The winner doesn’t get paid. Why not? No, this ...

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Brisbane fitness startup bets on buzz and personality

Buzvil photo

Last year, Australia’s fitness industry kick-boxed in delight when the Suncorp “Cost of Being Fit” Report revealed that, as a nation, we’re spending $8.5 billion on fitness each year – with 4.6 million Australians paying for gym membership and nearly one million Aussies ...

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Audeara brings the noise with headphones that listen to you


Following the rise of mass personalisation that’s brought us tools such as Pandora and Netflix, a Brisbane startup is looking to revolutionise music delivery with technology that “listens to users” . A team of medical doctors and engineers aiming to personalise sound, Audeara has created headphones that, with ...

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7 Unexpected lessons I learned at the muru-D accelerator

Andrea Martins - Wyatt Roy - Richard Eastes

It was late Saturday night and my GreenSocks co-founder Richard Eastes and I were walking out of River City Labs, having just had our startup concept picked to pieces at the muru-D accelerator‘s pre-selection boot camp. Demoralised but not defeated, Richard’s ...

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Bar Staff Co mix tech and cocktails to make the perfect recipe

Bar Staff Co founders Hesam Alavi and Emma Elliott at The Gresham.

In amongst all the commentary and economic divination that’s accompanied the end of Australia’s mining boom, there are hints as to where our nation’s companies might do well in the future. If you’re reading this article, the biggest trend should be obvious: technology. ...

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Resources to inspire your inner entrepreneur

Resources to inspire

One of the best parts of living in today’s digitally enabled world is the plethora of information available at our fingertips to inspire and educate. Whether you’re struggling with a particular skill or in need of inspiration, there will be ...

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