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Mashable’s Gwendolyn Regina Tan leads expansion into Asia

Gwendolyn Regina Tan arrived in Brisbane two days after finishing up a holiday in North Korea, a trip that began as a volunteer, entrepreneurial teaching exercise but turned into a vacation after the government cancelled the program. “North Korea was ...

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Anna Gerber: on music and computer science

Anna Gerber very nearly was not a computer scientist. In fact, if not for an accident suffered in university, she might be a pianist. “When I was a kid I used to love computers and programming logo,” Gerber says. “Then for ...

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Out of ink: Photo journal goes digital only

If the sacking of Fairfax photojournalists or the closure of the Queensland Centre of Photography is anything to go by, then photography is in trouble. But a photography publication based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is rising to the challenge and rebuilding itself as ...

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Profile: Hugh Geiger

“If you’re feeling comfortable, you’re doing it wrong.” That’s Hugh Geiger’s advice to founders trying to get their startups off the ground. The Ollo Mobile founder and CEO has just seen his company’s Indiegogo campaign breeze past its target of ...

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Profile: Leigh Angus

Leigh Angus has a tough gig. She’s the Program Director of ilab, an independent division of UniQuest, aimed at incubating and accelerating Australian startups. Rather than employ additional staff to help run ilab, Angus and the management at UniQuest made ...

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Profile: Ian Connor

Ian Connor

The stacks of boxes in Ian Connor’s office don’t seem out of place. A few weeks earlier he flew in from the US, tasked with building a team of software engineers in Brisbane for enthuse.com. “Still unpacking?” I ask, taking in ...

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