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Three things to consider when being acquired

Most founders dream of one day holding a headline-grabbing, multimillion dollar IPO then either exiting in style or continuing to steer the company for decades. But going public isn’t the only valid financial goal for a startup. In fact, given ...

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Ben Sand on relationships, creativity and Queensland’s team-building advantage

Little Cairns scored big at the end of last month with another esteemed visiting entrepreneur brightening our doorstep:  Co-founder and COO of Meta, Ben Sand.  theSPACE Cairns was the last stop for Sand on his DSITI-sponsored state-wide tour. As a Y-combinator ...

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Don’t get stuck playing Competitor Avoidance Twister

Let’s start with the obvious: it’s important to know about your competitors. Companies who confidently claim they never look at the competition are the Apples and Googles of the world – so dominant in their core markets that they become ...

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A premature pat on the back

Australia’s startup scene is thriving. If it weren’t for a few regulatory speed bumps like the Employee Share Scheme and crowdfunding regulation, we’d be taking the world by storm. At least, that’s the impression you get from reading startup coverage ...

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What can we learn from the SEQ Startup Ecosystem Report?

Following research into Perth’s ecosystem in 2013, data company Boundlss were commissioned by the QLD government to mapped South East Queensland’s startup scene. Humbly, we have some thoughts on what they found. Released at the end of October, the SEQ Startup Ecosystem Report 2014 ...

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