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StreetEats closes its kitchen: What we can learn from a successful, failed startup

Nine out of ten startups fail, and, while it’s usually because no one wants their product, reasons can range from running out of cash, to problems with the team, to burn out. It’s important for entrepreneurs to be aware of ...

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StreetEats launch shifts the food-truck paradigm

Food vendor app StreetEats launched last week with a party that drew hundreds and demonstrated the challenges of upsetting hospitality conventions. Held at Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane as part of local food festival ‘Thank Truck it’s Thursday,’ the event ...

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Startups face fears/investors at pitch night

Pitching can be terrifying, especially to unfamiliar faces. Even accounting for common (and very reasonable) fears of public speaking, asking for something from strangers is a daunting experience. “I don’t like having a conversation along the lines of ‘Hey I’m ...

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