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Bar Staff Co mix tech and cocktails to make the perfect recipe

In amongst all the commentary and economic divination that’s accompanied the end of Australia’s mining boom, there are hints as to where our nation’s companies might do well in the future. If you’re reading this article, the biggest trend should be obvious: technology. ...

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Innovation means spreading good ideas, not just products

In startup circles, the buzzword “innovation” enters the conversation so frequently, it’s practically a sixth vowel. Innovation is what every hopeful founder is chasing. An innovative product can be the basis of a business, while innovative thinking seems to be ...

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Just blowing bubbles

The word ‘bubble’ has popped up in headlines on news and tech websites with increased frequency lately. Sadly, most of these articles are less about analysing the startup investment market as it is now and more about making ominous predictions ...

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Uber not set for Townsville after all

Despite media coverage earlier this year and ongoing rumours, controversial and popular ridesharing service Uber says it has no current plans to enter the Townsville market. A spokesperson from Uber has confirmed that the ridesharing company has no plans to ...

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Three things to consider when being acquired

Most founders dream of one day holding a headline-grabbing, multimillion dollar IPO then either exiting in style or continuing to steer the company for decades. But going public isn’t the only valid financial goal for a startup. In fact, given ...

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Über Alles: On startups and the sharing economy

To borrow lyrics from Swedish supergroup ABBA, it is a Friday night, the lights are low and I am looking out for a place to go. In about 10 minutes Brett will let me, a complete stranger into his car ...

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